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SubjectRe: Sleeping function called from illegal context...
On Fri, Sep 27, 2002 at 08:51:30PM -0400, Robert Love wrote:

> Note this has nothing to do with kernel preemption. IDE explicitly
> sleeps while purposely holding a lock.
> It is just we do not have the ability to measure atomicity w/o
> preemption enabled - e.g. the debugging only works when it is enabled.

Would it be particularly difficult to separate this debug tool from the
feature ? Surely we could make it so that CONFIG_PREEMPT depends on
CONFIG_MIGHT_SLEEP or whatever, and just adds the actual ability to

I have a bit of a problem with __might_sleep because I call sleepable
stuff holding a spinlock (yes, it is justified, and yes, it is safe
afaics, at least with PREEMPT=n)


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