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    SubjectRe: UP IO-APIC
    On 2002-09-24T19:19:34,
    Benjamin LaHaise <> said:

    > > >APIC makes perfect sense albeit rare. Single processor IO APICs are very
    > > >rare and are usually MP systems with only one processor.
    > > I think most AMD Athlon boards have an IO APIC
    > I'd love to have it enabled in a distro kernel, but as Arjan pointed out, it
    > currently breaks some laptops if enabled.

    Well, _not_ enabling IO-APIC on UP breaks my Athlon / KT333 at home; random
    freezes are the result, so I prefer to enable it...

    So whichever default is chosen, someone is burned. I hate hardware.

    Lars Marowsky-Brée <>

    Principal Squirrel
    Research and Development, SuSE Linux AG

    ``Immortality is an adequate definition of high availability for me.''
    --- Gregory F. Pfister

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