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SubjectRe: [PATCH]: 2.5.38uc1 (MMU-less support)

Thanks for splitting the patch up, makes it easier to see what's going on.
Let's have another go at making this better...

Motorola 5272 ethernet driver:
* In, let's conditionalise it on CONFIG_PPC or something
* Can you use module_init() so it doesn't need an entry in Space.c?
* You're defining CONFIG_* variables in the .c file. I don't know whether
this is something we're still trying to avoid doing ... Greg, you seem
to be CodingStyle enforcer, what's the word?
* Why do you need to EXPORT_SYMBOL fec_register_ph and fec_unregister_ph?
* There's an awful lot of stuff conditionalised on CONFIG_M5272. In general,
having #ifdefs within functions is frowned upon.

Motorola 68328 and ColdFire serial drivers:
* Move to drivers/serial
* Lose this change from the Makefile:
- selection.o sonypi.o sysrq.o tty_io.o tty_ioctl.o
+ selection.o sonypi.o sysrq.o tty_io.o tty_ioctl.o \
* Drop the custom MIN() definition.
* Port to new serial driver framework.

MTD driver patches for uClinux supported platforms:
I don't see any problems. Submit to Linus via Dave Woodhouse, I guess.

Motorola 68328 framebuffer:
Don't see any problems here either.

uClinux FLAT file format exe loader:
* Drop the MAX() macro.
* +#include "../lib/inflate2.c". Er. You seem to have missed inflate2.c
from your patch, and this really isn't the right way to do it anyway.
Can't you share inflate.c these days?
* I'm also a little unsure about your per-arch #defines. Could you put
comments by each saying why they're necessary?

I haven't reveiwed the other two patches.

Revolutions do not require corporate support.
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