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    SubjectMouse/Keyboard problems with 2.5.38
    I haven't really tried a 2.5 kernel for a very long time. I used some of
    the earliest, but then I suddenly had problems booting one of them, and
    haven't really taken much effort in getting it boot lately.

    But now I decided I should try again. I got 2.5.38 booted after some
    initial trouble. But, I have a couple of weird problems. First, the
    mouse. I have a Logitech Cordless Optical mouse. With kernel 2.4.x I use
    MouseManPlusPS/2 as the XFree mouse-driver. Then I can use the wheel and
    the fourth button just as expected. But with kernel 2.5.38 neither the
    wheel or the fourth button works. I change protocol to IMPS/2 in XFree,
    and everything works like expected, but the fourth button works just
    like pussing the wheel (third button). This is excactly the same
    behavior as with 2.4.20-pre7 (that's why I use MouseManPlusPS/2). Anyone
    have a clue why this doesn't work with kernel 2.5.38?

    Second problem, if I press SHIFT+PAGEUP, my computer freezes. It spits
    out this message: "input: AT Set 2 keyboard on isa0060/serio0, and then
    it's dead. I have a Logitech cordless keyboard.

    Anyone else experienced this?

    Best regards,
    Stian Jordet

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