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SubjectRe: scsi error.
Problem solved. I didn't enable term power on the last drive in my SCSI chain.
Errors gone now. Thanks.


--- wrote:
> > You apparently have a Data Parity Error on your SCSI bus. Probably your
> > external SCSI drive has a cable or terminator problem. You can confirm this
> > by disconnecting the external SCSI cable to see if the other drives come up
> > ok.
> > You may be missing some termination, either via an external terminator or by
> > turning on the drive's TERMPWR jumper on the external drive (depending on
> > the type of disk cabinet you have). Or, the external SCSI cable may be
> > faulty (usually bent pins).
> Also, it could be that you are using a cable designed for a Mac - those cables often don't have
> all of the GND lines individually connected, and can cause seemingly random problems.
> John

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