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    SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] [PATCH 1/2] node affine NUMA scheduler
    Hi Martin,

    thanks for the comments and the testing!

    On Saturday 21 September 2002 19:11, Martin J. Bligh wrote:
    > > From the below, I'd suggest you're getting pages off the wrong
    > > nodes: do_anonymous_page is page zeroing, and rmqueue the buddy
    > > allocator. Are you sure the current->node thing is getting set
    > > correctly? I'll try backing out your alloc_pages tweaking, and
    > > see what happens.

    The current->node is most probably wrong for most of the kernel threads,
    except for migration_thread and ksoftirqd. But it should be fine for
    user processes.

    Might also be that the __node_distance matrix which you might use
    by default is not optimal for NUMAQ. It is fine for our remote/local
    latency ratio of 1.6. Yours is maybe an order of magnitude larger?
    Try replacing: 15 -> 50, guess you don't go beyond 4 nodes now...

    > OK, well removing that part of the patch gets us back from 28s to
    > about 21s (compared to 20s virgin), total user time compared to
    > virgin is up from 59s to 62s, user from 191 to 195. So it's still
    > a net loss, but not by nearly as much. Are you determining target
    > node on fork or exec ? I forget ...

    The default is exec(). You can use
    to set the node_policy to do initial load_balancing in fork().
    Just do "nodpol -P 2" in the shell before starting the job/task.
    This is VERY reccomended if you are creating many tasks/threads.
    The default behavior is fine for MPI jobs or users starting serial

    > Profile is more comparible. Nothing sticks out any more, but maybe
    > it just needs some tuning for balance intervals or something.

    Hmmm... There are two changes which might lead to lower performance:
    1. load_balance() is not inlined any more.
    2. pull_task steals only one task at a load_balance() call. It was
    maximally imbalance/2 (if I remember correctly).

    And of course, there is some real additional overhead due to the
    initial load balancing which one feels for short living tasks... So
    please try "nodpol -P 2" (and reset to default by "nodpol -P 0".

    Did you try the first patch alone? I mean the pooling-only scheduler?


    > 153385 total 0.1544
    > 91219 default_idle
    > 7475 do_anonymous_page
    > 4564 page_remove_rmap
    > 4167 handle_mm_fault
    > 3467 .text.lock.namei
    > 2520 page_add_rmap
    > 2112 rmqueue
    > 1905 .text.lock.dec_and_lock
    > 1849 zap_pte_range
    > 1668 vm_enough_memory
    > 1612 __free_pages_ok
    > 1504 file_read_actor
    > 1484 find_get_page
    > 1381 __generic_copy_from_user
    > 1207 do_no_page
    > 1066 schedule
    > 1050 get_empty_filp
    > 1034 link_path_walk

    Dr. Erich Focht <>
    NEC European Supercomputer Systems, European HPC Technology Center
    Hessbruehlstr. 21B, 70565 Stuttgart, Germany
    phone: +49-711-78055-15 fax : +49-711-78055-25

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