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SubjectRe: 2.4.19(-pre5) problems
On Mon, 2 Sep 2002 wrote:

> Hi,

Hi Max,

> I have a few problems here moving up from a 2.4.18 (which is working well).
> Hope this will be useful to somebody.

yes, thanks for your mail.

> 2.4.19-pre5 (make oldconfig again) fails to compile with an obscure undefined
> reference. (see output below.)
> I will also attach my '.config' file (as obtaind after doing a 2.4.19-pre5
> make oldconfig and answering (ENTER) to all questions. Please contact me if
> you need more information. (Mind I am not on lkml).
> Regards,
> Max
> --end-group \
> -o vmlinux
> drivers/media/media.o: In function `pvr_boot':
> drivers/media/media.o(.text+0x6e99): undefined reference to
> `mod_firmware_load'
> make: *** [vmlinux] Error 1

This is caused by Gerd Knorr's bttv driver update. The problem is:
drivers/media/video/bttv-cards.c uses
extern int mod_firmware_load(const char *fn, char **fp);

mod_firmware_load is in drivers/sound/sound_firmware.c but since your
sound is completely modular it's not in the kernel.

Workarounds (untested):
Either compile the bt848 driver modular or compile the sound supprt
statically into your kernel (the driver for your sound card can stay

If you want to use mod_firmware_load in drivers/media/video/bttv-cards.c
you must make this driver depend on CONFIG_SOUND (IIRC there was a
similar problem reported by someone who's bt848 driver was modular but
CONFIG_SOUND was completely unset which resulted in a depmod error).



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