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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MODE SENSE in sd.c; sddr09.c
<> wrote in message
> In sd.c we call MODE SENSE (6) in order to find out whether the
> device is write protected. The info we need is in byte 2, the
> header of the MODE SENSE answer, but in the request we have to
> specify (i) what page(s) we want, and (ii) how many bytes we want.
> Long ago we asked for 12 bytes from page 1 (Daniel Roche, 1.3.35).
> Matthew Dharm made this 8 bytes from page 3F (all pages),
> In patch-2.4.10 the 8 was increased to 255.
> I found on the one hand devices that only react to page 0
> (the vendor page), and return an error for page 3F.
> And on the other hand devices that are unable to handle requests
> for more bytes than they actually have.
> So, it seems that the cautious way to ask for MODE SENSE data is
> to first ask for the header only, see how much is available,
> and then ask for everything.
> The patch below first separates out the MODE SENSE call,
> and then tries it three times: on all pages (3F), only the first
> four bytes; on the vendor page (0), only the first four bytes;
> on all pages (3F), 255 bytes.


Would it be possible to move away from using 'standard' 255 bytes? Many SCSI
device don't like requests for odd byte counts on 16-bit SCSI busses, and
IDE isn't too crazy about it either. How about asking for 254 instead??


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