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SubjectRe: Benchmarks for performance patches (-ck) for 2.4.19
>> I mean, besides making the kernel with as low latency as possible, 
>> is bad about the responsiveness in the kernel? If there's any lag in
>> responsiveness that i see it's always something X related,
>> Xfree86.
>"low latency" != responsiveness
>Any latency which is below the point the user can notice
>is effectively zero, so whether the 10000 wakeups/minute
>that the user doesn't notice are 2ms or 5ms don't really

absolugtely correct. My main grief wrt. responsiveness of desktop
systems is when the VM decides to grow the cache at the cost of pushing
parts of KDE into swap. As a result, "activating" windows that I
haven't touched for some time takes noticeable delays, which ruins the

My best setup for this is to have lots of memory and disable swap (and
live with the consequences- eg. triggering the OOM killer).

Admittedly, things seem to be much better now than six month ago.

Martin Knoblauch
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