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SubjectRe: [TRIVIAL PATCH] Remove list_t infection.
   From: Daniel Phillips <>
Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 12:16:45 +0200

Admit it, you never wrote a line of lisp ;-)

Oh contraire:

;; The most important function in this file. Use it wisely.
(defun grrr (object)
"Growl at OBJECT"
(interactive "sWhat are you mad at: ")
(if (equal object "")
(message "You growl at %s" (buffer-name))
(message "You growl at %s" object)))

(defun xyzzy () (interactive) (message "nothing happens"))

;; Defun needed for rmail growling hack below.
(defun growl-at-from ()
"Search for from header in mail and growl at that person"
(goto-char 0)
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(setq from-location (search-forward "From:" nil))
(setq from-location (+ from-location 1))
(setq end-of-from-string (point))
(grrr (buffer-substring from-location end-of-from-string))))))

(add-hook 'rmail-show-message-hook 'growl-at-from)

;; Magic defun to grrr at people who send you mail.
(defun rmail-maybe-set-message-counters ()
"Same as normal defun in rmail.el except here
we growl at whoever the mail is from. Pretty crufty eh?"
(if (not (and rmail-deleted-vector
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