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SubjectRe: Benchmarks for performance patches (-ck) for 2.4.19
Quoting J Sloan <>:

> The ck5 kernel comes in more than one flavor
> rmap, aa and low latency are offered -
> I'm running 2.4.19-ck5-ll and I'm happy to report
> that it also plays well with freeswan ipsec - I'm
> running freeswan 1.98b and it's all good - not to
> mention the nice smooth feel in multimedia and
> 3D fps shooters ;-)
> Thanks to conman for the tedious patching work!
> Joe
> Paul wrote:
> >ps. ck4 uses the aa vm, but if there was a version with rmap,
> >I would test it

Actually Paul was correct; the low latency branch was just -aa but in my never
ending descent into madness I have decided to add another branch as requested,
ck5-rl which has lowest latency with -rmap instead of -aa

Get it at the usual place:


P.S. You're welcome Joe.

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