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Subjectrecompiling kernel for a Soltek 75drv4
Dear all,

It is my first post to this mailing list, so I am sorry for my English
and the possible mistakes that I could make. I have read through the
information of the FAQs and search a little bit but I have not found an
answer to my question, so here it goes:

I have a Red Hat 7.2 linux box as a web server. I am still in the
proccess of tuning the system.

It is a:
AMD K7 Athlon
two HD IDE 60 Gbs
3Com Network card
no sound card
general video card
Mother board Soltek 75drv4 Chipset VT8367 KT266A

I am compiling a non-modular kernel, due to I do not have so much
hardware and I have read that this makes the kernel faster.

I have executed a lspci to get the information of the mother board
shown above. I have downloaded the latest linux stable kernel 2.4.19 and
I have not found which chipset would be the best to use.

By the way I have created a Software RAID-1 with the two IDE hard

My issue is that when I try to shutdown the system I experimented two

- The system is not shutdown completely, I got a Power down message and
I got to power off the PC.

- When I reboot the system and even when the system is shutting down, I
have seen messages from the system saying that the RAID is not properly
switched off dued to not a properly shutdowned system.

I hope I have narrowed enough my question and give enough information
for you guys.

Many thanks in advance

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