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SubjectStupid anti-spam testings...
Quite a many of vger's recipients are doing return-path verification
testing for SMTP's MAIL FROM address.

I would not mind that, EXCEPT that those bloody stupid things don't
have any sane caches at all! VGER is sending 300+ messages per
day to 3500+ recipients of linux-kernel list EVERY DAY, and every
outgoing message is now getting oodles of those probes!

Folks, when you deploy that kind of testers, DO VERIFY THAT THEY
HAVE SANE CACHES! A positive result shall be cached for at least
two hours, a negative result shall be cached for at least 30 minutes.

That would send a dozen back-probes towards vger from recipient
system, instead of present 300+ !

/Matti Aarnio -- who considers some cures worse than the original problem...
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