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SubjectRe: Problem with the O(1) scheduler in 2.4.19
On Mon, 2 Sep 2002, Tobias Ringstrom wrote:

> On 2 Sep 2002, Alan Cox wrote:
> > It isnt a regression, its a bug fix. The nice value is now being
> > honoured properly.
> The problem is that the kernel decided to nice the process (by changing
> the priority, not the nice value) as if it was a background task, but it's
> not a background task. On the contrary, it's highly interactive.

I think I will have to take this back. It looks like even the old kernel
treats the game server as a background process, but as you said, it does
not make such a big difference. Another change is that the prio value
varies very quickly over time (as seen in top). I do not recall seeing
that using the O(1)-scheduler.

But I still do not understand why the process is classified as
non-interactive... Around 20 times per second it does a nanosleep for
1 ms which takes around 40 ms in reality. (Seeing this makes me believe
that I should try to increase HZ, but that is a separate issue.)


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