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SubjectRe: [2.5] DAC960

I've been doing more work on the driver. Wednesday, I was
going crazy because the data I read back from the device
was SOMETIMES NOT the same data I wrote there.

On Thursday, I switched from Linux 2.5.34 to Linux 2.5.36.
Now, the driver reads back the same data it wrote. There must
have been some bio changes in 2.5.36. 2.5.36 also
calls the driver shutdown notifier routine, which 2.5.34 didn't.
This uncovered a coding bug that causes a kernel OOPS during shutdown.
That'll be fixed in the next patch.

I'm about to test changes that put the command and status memory
mailboxes into dma memory regions. Once I've tested that,
I'll send you a new patch (Probably on Monday after week end

After that, I'll change the status reporting structures to be in dma
memory regions. Expect a patch containing that maybe the end of
next week, or the Monday following ( September 30).

> >
> > I have the DAC960 driver working in 2.5.34. The work isn't
> > complete yet. But, I'm able to boot, and do mke2fs
> > on partitions on logical drives, and then do e2fsck
> > on those partitions. It seems to work, although more
> > testing is required. Is there any interest in reviewing
> > the code so far, or should I continue testing and complete
> > the remaining issues first?
> Please post the patch, I'll try it right away.
> --
> Daniel
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