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SubjectRe: kernel 2.4.19 error with usbcore.o
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On Wed, 18 Sep 2002 14:23, Daya Cooppan wrote:
> Hi
> I think there is a bug in kernel 2.4.19 under the usb section. I
> proceeded to build kernel 2.4.19 on a RH7.3, DELL SMP system. I have a
> wireless usb mouse, usb SanDisk, etc. Anyway the problem showed up when
> I was trying to get the usb mouse to work. This is not a new system ...I
> did have all the hw and sw components working under 2.4.5.
It has been reported before, but I couldn't reproduce it.

> The default for the USB section is to included USB support (y) in the
> kernel. I am assuming the usbcore.o got incorporated into the kernel
> build tree during [make dep; make bzImage; make modules; make
> modules_install]. I continued to get mousedev errors ...verified that I
> had mouse support, hid support, uhci support, all this look good. As
> soon as I changed "USB Support" from (y) to (m), i.e. made usbcore.o a
> loadable module WALLA! usb devices started to work. Question: Is there a
> bug with (y) support for "USB Support" ?
Can you provide an exact copy of the CONFIG_USB and CONFIG_INPUT lines from
your kernel .config for a working case, and a broken case?

> I also noticed usbdrv.o resulted in errors when included (y) in the kernel:
This is probably important :-|
Looks like some include breakage. I'll take another look if you send me the
two cases for the kenrel .config.

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