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SubjectRe: Oops in sched.c on PPro SMP
Am Montag den, 16. September 2002, um 17:42, schrieb Andrea Arcangeli:

> Can you disassemble the .o object using objdump -Dr or can you
> disassemble such
> piece of code from the vmlinux instead of compiling with the -S flag to
> verify that to verify that? If it really checks against zero then it's a
> miscompilation, it should check against &init_task as said above.

objdump -Dr vmlinux
--- schedule snippet ---
if (unlikely(!c)) {
c0117edb: 83 7d f0 00 cmpl $0x0,0xfffffff0(%ebp)
c0117edf: 75 6f jne c0117f50 <schedule+0x288>

c0117ee1: b0 01 mov $0x1,%al
c0117ee3: 86 05 80 79 30 c0 xchg %al,0xc0307980
c0117ee9: fb sti

c0117eea: b8 a0 79 30 c0 mov $0xc03079a0,%eax
c0117eef: f0 83 28 01 lock subl $0x1,(%eax)
c0117ef3: 0f 88 90 12 00 00 js c0119189

p->counter = (p->counter >> 1) + NICE_TO_TICKS(p->nice);
c0117ef9: 8b 0d 48 c0 2d c0 mov 0xc02dc048,%ecx
c0117eff: 81 f9 00 c0 2d c0 cmp $0xc02dc000,%ecx
c0117f05: 74 28 je c0117f2f <schedule+0x267>
c0117f07: bb 14 00 00 00 mov $0x14,%ebx
c0117f0c: 8d 74 26 00 lea 0x0(%esi,1),%esi ;for

c0117f10: 8b 51 20 mov 0x20(%ecx),%edx
c0117f13: d1 fa sar %edx
c0117f15: 89 d8 mov %ebx,%eax
c0117f17: 2b 41 24 sub 0x24(%ecx),%eax
c0117f1a: c1 f8 02 sar $0x2,%eax
c0117f1d: 8d 54 10 01 lea 0x1(%eax,%edx,1),%edx
c0117f21: 89 51 20 mov %edx,0x20(%ecx)
c0117f24: 8b 49 48 mov 0x48(%ecx),%ecx
c0117f27: 81 f9 00 c0 2d c0 cmp $0xc02dc000,%ecx
c0117f2d: 75 e1 jne c0117f10 <schedule+0x248>

c0117f2f: f0 ff 05 a0 79 30 c0 lock incl 0xc03079a0
c0117f36: fa cli

c0117f37: f0 fe 0d 80 79 30 c0 lock decb 0xc0307980
c0117f3e: 0f 88 4f 12 00 00 js c0119193

goto repeat_schedule;
c0117f43: e9 e4 fe ff ff jmp c0117e2c <schedule+0x164>

c0119189: e8 66 e9 fe ff call c0107af4
c011918e: e9 65 ed ff ff jmp c0117ef8 <schedule+0x230>

c0107af4 <__read_lock_failed>:
c0107af4: f0 ff 00 lock incl (%eax)
c0107af7: f3 90 repz nop
c0107af9: 83 38 01 cmpl $0x1,(%eax)
c0107afc: 78 f9 js c0107af7
c0107afe: f0 ff 08 lock decl (%eax)
c0107b01: 0f 88 ed ff ff ff js c0107af4
c0107b07: c3 ret

--- do_fork snippet ---

c011a416: fa cli
c011a417: ba a0 79 30 c0 mov $0xc03079a0,%edx
c011a41c: 89 d0 mov %edx,%eax
c011a41e: f0 81 28 00 00 00 01 lock subl $0x1000000,(%eax)
c011a425: 0f 85 6c 03 00 00 jne c011a797
; we got the lock

c011a53b: f0 81 05 a0 79 30 c0 lock addl $0x1000000,0xc03079a0
c011a542: 00 00 00 01
c011a546: fb sti

c011a797: e8 38 d3 fe ff call c0107ad4
c011a79c: e9 8a fc ff ff jmp c011a42b <do_fork+0x597>

c0107ad4 <__write_lock_failed>:
c0107ad4: f0 81 00 00 00 00 01 lock addl $0x1000000,(%eax)
c0107adb: f3 90 repz nop
c0107add: 81 38 00 00 00 01 cmpl $0x1000000,(%eax)
c0107ae3: 75 f6 jne c0107adb
c0107ae5: f0 81 28 00 00 00 01 lock subl $0x1000000,(%eax)
c0107aec: 0f 85 e2 ff ff ff jne c0107ad4
c0107af2: c3 ret
c0107af3: 90 nop

--- do_exit even more complicated but looks OK ---

> I really suspect an hardware fault here, if you could reproduce easily
> you could try to drop a dimm of ram and retest, you can also try memtst
> from cerberus testsuite or/and memtest86 from the lilo menu.

I did that in January - as I encountered these lockups the first time.
I removed some SIMMs, crashed again, exchanged the SIMMs and so on.
memtest86 didn't find anything in one day.

Once I had a machine check exception - sine then I lowered the CPU clock.
After the box was running fine with 180MHz I switched to 200MHz
(yes, I overclocked the CPUs with 233MHz 2 or 3 years - without problems)
2.4.18-SuSE was running fine with the same load over summer. NO lockup
in 2 months.

Now I have to believe that the silicon aged and that tight loop causes
errors? There are similar loops in kernel/exit.c in 2.4.18-SuSE but it
_always_ crashes in schedule().

I also checked the bttv driver and used the 2.4.18-SuSE one in 2.4.19 -
but still crashes. I run the driver almost all the time - I have two
cards, one for watching TV or listen Radio, the other grabs EPG data.

But the box also crashed when I unloaded the drivers over night.
Argh, it seems that I'm forced to use O(1) scheduler!

> So I would say, it's either an hardware issue, or random memory
> corruption generated by some driver. Just some guesses. And if it's the
> irq clobbering the %ecx or the tasklist then something is very wrong in
> the irq code or in the hardware (I'd exclude such possibility, but you
> can try adding _irq to the read_lock/read_unlock of the tasklist_lock to
> disable irq and see if you can still reproduce). If %ecx is checked
> against zero as well something is very wrong, but in the compiler, and
> that would explain things too (you're recommended to use either 2.95 or
> 3.2).
I use 2.95.3 out of SuSE 8.0 - everything seems to be compiled correctly.

Perhaps I add a MAGIC to the tasklist to notice when it gets thrashed?

> Hope this helps,
Thanx for your effort.

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