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SubjectRe: Revealing benchmarks and new version of contest.
Andrew Morton wrote:
> ..
> I'll go see if Jens' deadline-iosched-5 patch fixes it.

Can't tell. It triggers the "IDE-fails-to-deliver-IO-completion"
lockup which has been lurking around the tree for a couple of months.

#0 io_schedule () at /usr/src/25/include/asm/atomic.h:122
#1 0xc01305b4 in __lock_page (page=0xc10b6df0) at filemap.c:370
#2 0xc013164e in read_cache_page (mapping=0xc3e0e244, index=0, filler=0xc01495e0 <blkdev_readpage>, data=0x0)
at /usr/src/25/include/linux/pagemap.h:86
#3 0xc016c352 in read_dev_sector (bdev=0xc3cf7f60, n=0, p=0xc3fcbec4) at check.c:447
#4 0xc016c764 in msdos_partition (state=0xc3cf6000, bdev=0xc3cf7f60) at msdos.c:397
#5 0xc016c016 in check_partition (hd=0xc3da6800, bdev=0xc3cf7f60) at check.c:241
#6 0xc016c134 in register_disk (disk=0xc3da6800, dev={value = 5632}, minors=64, ops=0xc0340cf0, size=120064896) at check.c:381
#7 0xc0221bb0 in idedisk_attach (drive=0xc03b0230) at ide-disk.c:1710
#8 0xc021df60 in ata_attach (drive=0xc03b0230) at ide.c:2449
#9 0xc021ed15 in ide_register_driver (driver=0xc0340de0) at ide.c:3427
#10 0xc0221bd1 in idedisk_init () at ide-disk.c:1725
#11 0xc034c8d4 in do_initcalls () at main.c:483
#12 0xc034c903 in do_basic_setup () at main.c:515

No quick fix here; this is all going to take some time to
work through :(
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