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SubjectRe: 2.5.34-mm2
Daniel Phillips wrote:
> On Thursday 12 September 2002 08:29, Andrew Morton wrote:
> > url:
> >
> > -sleeping-release_page.patch
> What's this one? Couldn't find it as a broken-out patch.

The `-' means it was removed from the patchset. Linus merged it.
See 2.5.34/2.5.34-mm1/broken-out/sleeping-release_page.patch

> On the nonblocking vm front, does it rule or suck?

It rules, until someone finds something at which it sucks.

> I heard you
> mention, on the one hand, huge speedups on some load (dbench I think)
> but your in-patch comments mention slowdown by 1.7X on kernel
> compile.

You misread. Relative times for running `make -j6 bzImage' with mem=512m:

Unloaded system: 1.0
2.5.34-mm4, while running 4 x `dbench 100' 1.7
Any other kernel while running 4 x `dbench 100' basically infinity
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