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SubjectRe: Possible bug and question about ide_notify_reboot in 2.4.19
--- Andre Hedrick <> wrote:
> Hi Alex,
> We (T13 Standards) only recently required (shall) all non-packet device to
> support flush cache. No where does it state that a device supporting PM
> for a standby (shall), the key word here is "shall", issue a flush-cache.
I am assuming that a hard drive is a non-packet device. Let me make sure I'm
interpreting this correctly: older ( and some current ) drives may flush cache
on standby/sleep; current and future drives may not. In addition, older drives
may not support the flush cache command.

> I will not break support for older hardware, on a whim.
Not my intention.

> You said you can make a patch, please do so and apply it to your tree.
> Now, if you want the option, submit the patch for review. For two or
> three days there has been no patch to test.
Still testing locally. I also want to fix the code so that the flush is
done before the standby.

> To be absolutely honest, I really do not like to give options in the
> kernel-config build which can cause backwards compatablity problems.
This wouldn't be a config option. You would have to modify ide.c by
hand to disable standby.
> Andre Hedrick
> LAD Storage Consulting Group

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