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SubjectBug in 2.4.19 RAM Disk handling
I think I may have come across a bug in the way that 2.4.19 handles RAM
disks. When creating a RAM disk, you can only use /dev/ram0, regardless
of what device you specify to use.

I have a project that uses a lot of Ram Disks, and as such, I create them
on /dev/ram0, /dev/ram1, etc. When I upgraded to kernel 2.4.19 from
2.4.18 doing a make oldconfig and not selecting any new options, I can now
only creat a ram disk on /dev/ram0. If I try to create a ram disk on
/dev/ram1 after creating one on /dev/ram0, I get an error about /dev/ram0
already being in use. Downgrading to kernel 2.4.18 does not exhibit this
behaviour, I can make multiple RAM disks.


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