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SubjectRe: Configuring kernel
I seem to remember either the early RH 7.x series or 6.x series did not 
necessarily install ncurses by default, thus make menuconfig did not
run. If you did a very slim install, you may not have the right
libraries to do what you need. Do an 'rpm -q ncurses ncurses-devel' and
see what you get. If either is not found, make menuconfig will not run.

Adam Jaskiewicz wrote:

>>I downloaded the sofware and opened it in the /usr/src
>>directory. I did the following
>>1. unzipped the tar file
>>2. mv linux linux-2.4.16
>>3 ln -s linux-2.4.16 linux
>>4. changed to linux directory and issued the command
>>make mproper.
>>Then when I issued the command make xconfig I was
>>getting errors. I got similar errors when I tried to
>>use the following commands make menuconfig, make
>What errors did you get? We need to know what the errors are to help you.
>>When I used the command uname -i I still was getting
>>the kernel version as 2.4.2.
>>I do not know why this error is coming.
>This is not an error. If you did not install a new kernel and reboot your
>computer with the new kernel, uname will still have the same kernel version.
>Once you have properly configured, compiled and installed the kernel and its
>modules, you reboot the computer to apply the new kernel. Then uname will
>give you the new version.

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