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SubjectRe: Possible bug and question about ide_notify_reboot in drivers/ide/ide.c (2.4.19)
In article <>,
Alan Cox <> wrote:
>> How about this: The FLUSH CACHE command has only recently become a
>> mandatory command for non-PACKET devices, so there may be drives that do
>> implement a write cache, but do NOT implement the FLUSH CACHE -- and
>> still adhere to some older edition of the ATA standard.
>Worse than that. There are drives that did implement it - as a no-op.
>They didn't even say "Umm sorry no can do"

Putting the drive in stand-by mode has the side effect of flushing
the cache. So before poweroff, send the FLUSH CACHE command,
then send the standby command, hope that one of them works ..

I put put-the-drive-in-standby-mode stuff in halt.c of sysvinit
after several reports of fs corruption at poweroff and it seems
to have fixed the problems for the people who reported them.


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