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SubjectRe: DMA problems w/ PIIX3 IDE, 2.4.20-pre4-ac2
Florian Hinzmann wrote:

> Hi!
> I have problems with DMA mode at one of my boxes ( more technical
> details at the end of this mail ).
> But I do issue a "hdparm -d0" for each of them at bootup currently and
> they are running fine then. Enabling DMA with "hdparm -d1" (or not using
> hdparm at all) leads to errors like the following quite fast and
> reproducable:
> kernel: hdb: dma_timer_expiry: dma status == 0x60
> kernel: hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
> kernel: hdb: timeout waiting for DMA
> kernel: hdb: (__ide_dma_test_irq) called while not waiting
> kernel: hdb: status error: status=0x58 { DriveReady SeekComplete
> DataRequest } kernel:
> kernel: hdb: drive not ready for command
> Turning DMA off again stops these.
> I'd love to hear any experience other people have with this mainboard
> or even some statement if DMA is supposed to work with my setup.

I had some problems like this using 2.4.17 on a PIIX3 board (don't know the
board type). The problems disappeared after switching to 2.4.19.
Unforunately I had to change the processor and processor fan about the same

I tend to believe that this problem was related to CPU temperature not to
kernel bugs. I don't have any means of measuring CPU temperature on this
board. But the old CPU certainly burnt out, because the fan was not
working too well ;-(((

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