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SubjectRe: Possible bug and question about ide_notify_reboot in drivers/ide/ide.c (2.4.19)
On Sat, 2002-09-14 at 10:53, Matthias Andree wrote:
> How about this: The FLUSH CACHE command has only recently become a
> mandatory command for non-PACKET devices, so there may be drives that do
> implement a write cache, but do NOT implement the FLUSH CACHE -- and
> still adhere to some older edition of the ATA standard.

Worse than that. There are drives that did implement it - as a no-op.
They didn't even say "Umm sorry no can do"

> See above. Disable Write Cache would also do with recent drives.

Except some drives have a habit of turning it back on quietly

> If I recall correctly, Windows' shutdown procedure was at some time in
> the past changed to wait a couple of seconds before switching the ATX
> computers off, to allow the drives to flush their caches. I can't quote
> on a KB article though.

Flush on shutdown was apparently one of the windows 98 service pack/hot
fix additions.

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