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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC] Spamcop

Actually the URL indicates that your IP is not and should not be listed
as a spammer now:

Most Recent
Sample traffic: 116 8.22 hours ago
Thu Sep 12 19:46:12 2002 GMT Thu Sep 12 15:46:12 2002 -0400 6.84
days ago
Fri Sep 6 07:43:01 2002 GMT Fri Sep 6 03:43:01 2002 -0400
Trap recipients: None recorded
Spam reports: 1 12.12 hours ago
Thu Sep 12 15:52:19 2002 GMT Thu Sep 12 11:52:19 2002 -0400 12.12
hours ago
Thu Sep 12 15:52:19 2002 GMT Thu Sep 12 11:52:19 2002 -0400
Relaying reports: None recorded
Relay closed: None recorded not listed in *is not* and *should not be* listed.
Recent spam increases spam score from 1.00 to 2.00 - spam report
ratio (0.017) falls under threshold (0.020)

It was listed and promptly delisted three hours later. No anti-spam
measure is perfect, all have flaws and all are an inconvenience to some
portion of users and admins. SpamCop is quite decent about fixing
incorrect listings. Some people argue for proactive listing, some
people demand 3 sets of proof before listing.

Anti-spam measures are gonna make admins happy and annoyed depending on
what side of the fence they are on when it hits. If it's affecting you
negatively, it's an "idiotic measure", if it's affecting someone else
instead, it's a "proactive and great idea". Some measures need evolving
and tuning, caching, etc. I.e. my smtp call back mechanism that annoyed
vger admins. Yes I need to cache data but as to the veracity of it
being idiotic...doubtful. I measure greater than ~70% dead on accuracy
in tagging spam which makes it pretty darn useful for my users with
-only- smtp callback. It has false negatives but it hasn't yet had a
false positive.

Everyone gets irate when they are incorrectly blacklisted. Even more
irate when major mail distributers agree with the BL site policies. In
time tho things will get smoothed out. I/we mail admins feel the pain.
Grit your teeth and bear it when these things happen. No person or
method is perfect :)


Russell King wrote:

>I'd like to bring to peoples attention the idiotic situation going on
>with the RBL list known as spamcop.
>spamcop have entered into their database the IP address for
>, which is a machine containing many mailing lists
>and other facilities. is NOT, repeat NOT an open
>relay, and as far as I'm aware has never performed any open relaying.
>However, the basis under which it has been listed is that spamcop
>received a mailman reponse to a message their tester sent to a valid
>mailing list address. The mailman response was:
>"Subject: Your message to Linux-arm awaits moderator approval"
>Obviously, it didn't relay the spam, nor the test message.
>If spamcop is accepting hosts with mailing lists that send responses
>back to the person sending the original mail, any mailing list is open
>to being listed in the spamcop database.
>My advice is: stay FAR away from spamcop. If you're using spamcop
>on your mail server, remove it now before they cut you off from all
>your mailing lists.
>Here's the URL explaining why has been listed:
>(Note: this does mean that some kernel people may not be able to
>post messages for a while. Hence the vague relevance of this
>message to lkml.)

I may have the information you need and I may choose only HTML. It's up to
you. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any email that you send me nor am
I bound to any obligation to deal with any received email in any given
fashion. If you send me spam or a virus, I may in whole or part send you
50,000 return copies of it. I may also publically announce any and all
emails and post them to message boards, news sites, and even parody sites.
I may also mark them up, cut and paste, print, and staple them to telephone
poles for the enjoyment of people without internet access. This is not a
confidential medium and your assumption that your email can or will be
handled confidentially is akin to baring your backside, burying your head in
the ground, and thinking nobody can see you butt nekkid and in plain view
for miles away. Don't be a cluebert, buy one from K-mart today.

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