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SubjectRe: XFS?
On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 01:22:22PM +0300, Ivan Ivanov wrote:
> I think that it is not fair to insist for merging of XFS only. There ara
> many other projects that are of bigger value for linux then iet another
> filesystem - RSBAC,OpenMosix,LSM,HTree and more.

And who are most likely far more intrusive than XFS is currently, or have
other issues. [1]

> Some people like Linus, Alan, Marchelo etc. have the responsibility to
> provide users with a usable, stable kernel.

So they mark XFS experimental, and unless the user configures for
experimental features to be asked for they won't even notice their presence.

> I am not an expert, just a sysadmin, and I am testing XFS since kernel
> 2.4.6 ( I am writing this mail from a test machine with kernel 2.4.18
> and XFS root filesystem ), and I also think that XFS is not ready for
> production ( I lost some unimportant files after a crash yesterday ).

So, you are not using ext2 then either? Since that can loose files, too, on
a crash. (I've actually even once seen a whole ext2 partition disappear
after a crash. Same for reiserfs, BTW)

Any fs can have bugs. Even while ext2 is indeed more likely to be the most
tested, it too can bite you sometimes. [1]



[1] Actually I've had problems with dma timeouts resulting in ide hangs on
an ext2 system last week, and it too managed to lose a few files. Sure,
fsck picked up most of them, and none were critical, but it does prove
my point well enough.

We have joy, we have fun,
we have Linux on our Sun.
-- Andreas Tille
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