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SubjectRE: Killing/balancing processes when overcommited

> I still favor an installation file in /etc specifying the order in which
> things are to be killed. Any alogrithmic assumptions are bound to fail at
> some point to the dissatisfaction of the installation.

I agree, I don't see any other solution. btw the thing is not
simple. The oom killer should be able to comply instructions

if (oom)
kill netscape if it uses more than 80MB {stdprio 10}
//sometimes if start sucking memory endlessly
kill make and its childs if overall they use {stdprio 7}
more than ...[cpu files memory]
//ever tried to make -j bzImage on a 64MB box ?
kill httpd if it's swapping too much {stdprio 3}

Well, it's not simple. It must be planned carefully, or it
will and up being as uneffective as the current killer is.


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