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SubjectRe: System response benchmarks in performance patches
On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, Con Kolivas wrote:

> I came up with a very simple way of measuring responsiveness that gives
> me numbers that are meaningful to me. What I've done is the old faithful
> kernel compile and measured it under different loads to simulate the
> pc's ability to perform under various loads.

Absolutely wonderful. I'd love to see this easily scriptable
so we can just run it with one command, eg:

$ ./contest

> Kernel Time %CPU
> 2.4.19 3:00.76 58%
> 2.4.19-ck7 2:01.68 86%
> 2.4.19-ck7-rmap 2:05.95 83%
> 2.4.18-6mdk 3:01.48 58%

Very interesting results. People benchmarking just one thing
at a time won't get variances anywhere near this big, while
real system workload is pretty much always multitasking.

I think I've finally found a benchmark that gives results which
are meaningful in the context of a multitasking system.


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