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Dear Sir, 

Subject: Business Opportunity

I have a proposal to make which I hope will be of
interest to you.

I have received impressive recommendation about your
profile as a trustworthy businessman, and based on
that I am offering you the opportunity to be my
trustee for the transfer of US$30,000,000.00 (Thirty
Million US Dollars) only for investment in your
company. This amount is accompanied by 125 Kilos of
Alluvial Gold Dust (Raw), 22 Carat with purity level
999.5/1000 which I have in my possession and which I
have safely deposited in a Security Company in
Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire, pending our agreement on

By introduction, I am Mr. Rex Mussasa, the Director of
Finance, Sierra Leone Ministry of Defence, I in
conjunction with Captain Edward George, the Special
Adviser to Major Johnny Paul Koromah inherited these
funds during the dying days of Major Koromah's ousted
regime. You will recall that Major Koromah is the
former military ruler of Sierra Leone that was ousted
by ECOMOG (Economic Community of West African States)
Forces. We were given this money for purchase of
military weapons for Koromah's troop at the height of
aggression from ECOMOG forces, which eventually led to
Major Koromah's overthrow.

We escaped from Sierra Leone with the funds and
eventually made it to Abidjan, Cote D' Ivoire through
coastal waters after weeks of sea travel. the
metallic Boxes containing the money and raw gold are
intact and are deposited with a security company in
Abidjan. I can give you details of the company later.

We are prepared to offer you 30% (Thirty Percentage of
the money for your assistance in creating a safe
heaven in Europe or America where these funds are to
be invested. On the gold, we are prepared to sell to
you at 30% lower than the international market price
for the commodity so you can retain the difference as
your profit. It will be sufficient if you can find
the buyer for the commodity, as we do not have
reliable contacts in Europe.

It is agreeable to us to have the raw gold undergo
acid testing in any ABS agency in Abidjan, while terms
and mode of payment will be negotiable. If you are
not interested in buying the gold, you could contact a
big buyer and we will give you a reasonable

I wait your response by return fax or E-mail while
assuring you that the transaction is absolutely risk
free. Upon your request, I will fax the Certificate
of Deposit issued by the Security Company at the time
of making the deposit. You should give me your
dedicated fax number so I can fax it.

Yo can reply me via my email address:

Yours sincerely,

Rex Mussasa

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