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SubjectRe: [patch] readv/writev rework
Hirokazu Takahashi wrote:
> Hello,
> I fixed the patch.

Thanks again.

> But I have one more question.
> Please consider...
> while a process sleep in copy_*_user() another one may call kmap_atomic
> and kunmap_atomic. And the process will restart and might access the
> wrong page as kunmap_atomic do nothing without CONFIG_DEBUG_HIGHMEM flag.
> I mean it wouldn't any faults as another page is still kmapped.

Yes; this is why it is illegal to sleep, or to switch CPUs by any means
while holding an atomic kmap:


the kmap_atomic() will increment the preempt count (even on CONFIG_PREEMPT=n).

- The incremented preempt count pins this code path onto this CPU
while the kmap is held. (This is only relevant to CONFIG_PREEMPT=y)

- The incremented preempt count tells do_page_fault() that we cannot
handle a pagefault; if a fault is encountered during the copy_*_user(),
do_page_fault() will arrange for the __copy_*_user() to return a short

So. The code path is atomic, and is pinned to a single CPU. The atomic
kmap pool uses a different batch of virtual addresses for each CPU (it's
a per-CPU pool of addresses).
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