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SubjectRe: 2.4.18 serial drops characters with 16654
Dan, sorry I missed your original message.

From: "Ed Vance" <>
> On Tue, September 10, 2002 at 3:22 PM, Dan Christian wrote:
> > I've got a 2.4.18-10 (RedHat) running on a 2 processor Athlon (1.5Ghz).
> > If I send data over a PCI 16654 serial card (Connect Tech Blue Heat) and
> > RTSCTS flow control is used, characters are dropped. The drops are
> > pretty consistent. As far as I can tell, the data can only be lost in
> > the driver (I'm re-trying the write until all the data gets out).

Data loss should not happen with flow control on. Please contact
myself directly, or our support (support@con...) desk to open a call.
Otherwise I'll have to look at it in my CFT.

Things I'll need to know:
- kernel version :: 2.4.18-10
- distribution version :: RedHat ??
- serial driver version :: ??
(this is reported at boot, cat /var/log/messages or dmesg)
- are you using our official driver + patch set?

> We use Exar ST16C654D chips on a cPCI 16-port mux we build and have not
> (yet) had a problem report on it for this. Maybe I can reproduce the
> on this board. What vendor marking is on your UARTs? Could you tell me

We're using Exars as well, although perhaps not the rev D.


We make multiport serial boards.
(800) 426-8979

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