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Subject[PATCH] ebtables - Ethernet bridge tables, for 2.5.34
Hello David, list,

Ebtables is a project similar to iptables, but working on the bridge netfilter
hooks. It allows for a basic transparent firewall, making a brouter and doing
MAC source address and destination address manipulation. The firewall part
has currently modules for basic IP filtering, 802.1q filtering, ARP
filtering, logging and a mark match/target.
Ebtables has been under development for over 1.5 year and has more than 100
users, I think.

The patch is 3662 lines long, so I won't list it in this mail. It is available
or, gzipped:

It is vs 2.5.34, I can make a patch vs 2.4.x when the time is right.
Comments/questions are appreciated.

For more information, see
There is an ebtables hacking howto, some basic examples and some real life
examples from users. And ofcourse the userspace program.


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