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SubjectRe: [RFC] Raceless module interface

> To make this work, we rely on the rule that no module code may
> sleep/schedule unless it first increments a counter. The counter
> incremented will, at present, be the module->count, but that is entirely
> up to the module itself; module.c will no longer care how it keeps
> track, as long as it does.
> With config_preempt code, we must additionally disable preemption until
> the module quiescence test has completed. I'm not going to go further
> into this, because this is deep scheduling-fu, and I haven't got working
> code to show yet. Suffice to say that we have the technology to build a
> magic_wait_for_quiescence, and we must now proceed to do that. (Robert,
> are you reading?) A noncounting module uses the test as follows, in its
> cleanup_function:
> unregister_callpoints(...);
> magic_wait_for_quiescence();
> return cleanup_foo(...);

Please correct me if I am wrong, but ...

Task A Task B counter
call_module() +1
schedule() still 1
unregister_callpoints() still 1
magic_wait_for_quiescence(); still 1
call_module_second_func() -> Won't work

So by trying to unregister a module you make a module unusable
for an unspecified amount of time.


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