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SubjectRe: Killing/balancing processes when overcommited
In linux.kernel, you wrote:
> resource
> group priority kill priority
> system 0 0 - never kill
> support 1 1
> payroll 2 2
> production 3 3
> general user 4 4
> production backgournd 5 3 <- make sure testing and
> general user are killed BEFORE production
> testing 6 5
> Note that in the example above, production has the second lowest resource
> priority, but a higher kill priority ("we don't care how long it takes, but
> it must complete").
> In a system with sufficient resources, everyone would get what they needed.
> As resources become limit, payroll gets resources first and testing gets
> the least. In the extreme case, when the system is overwhelmed, testing is
> the first to be removed.

You seemed to have just described a combination of forced niceness
(from login scripts) and ulimit. Man ulimit about how to limit number
of processes plus memory etc, so people can't fork() bomb you out of

TimC --

Conclusion to my thesis --
"It is trivial to show that it is clearly obvious that this is not

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