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SubjectRe: 2.4.20pre5aa2
   Line 578 is BUG(); below:
pb->pb_flags |= _PBF_MEM_ALLOCATED;
if (all_mapped) {
pb->pb_flags |= _PBF_ALL_PAGES_MAPPED;

/* A single page buffer is always mappable */
if (page_count == 1) {
pb->pb_addr = (caddr_t)
page_address(pb->pb_pages[0]) +
pb->pb_flags |= PBF_MAPPED;
} else if (flags & PBF_MAPPED) {
if (as_list_len > 64)
pb->pb_addr = vmap(pb->pb_pages, page_count);
if (!pb->pb_addr)
pb->pb_addr += pb->pb_offset;
/* If some pages were found with data in them
* we are not in PBF_NONE state.
if (good_pages != 0) {
pb->pb_flags &= ~(PBF_NONE);
if (good_pages != page_count) {
pb->pb_flags |= PBF_PARTIAL;

PB_TRACE(pb, PB_TRACE_REC(look_pg), good_pages);

return rval;

Stephen Lord wrote:

>On Thu, 2002-09-12 at 18:29, Samuel Flory wrote:
>> Your patch seem to solve only some of the xfs issues for me. Before
>>the patch my system hung when booting. This only occured I had xfs
>>compiled into the kernel. After patching things seemed fine, but
>>durning "dbench 32" the system locked. Upon rebooting and attempting to
>>mount the filesystem I got this:
>>XFS mounting filesystem md(9,2)
>>Starting XFS recovery on filesystem: md(9,2) (dev: 9/2)
>>kernel BUG at page_buf.c:578!
>><and so on>
>Line numbers in no way line up with the code I have in front of me,
>However, this appears to equate to a failure in the address space
>remapping code. This is not a failure I have ever seen in our code

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