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SubjectRe: 2.4.20pre5aa2
Andrea Arcangeli wrote:

>On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 04:29:31PM -0700, Samuel Flory wrote:
>> Your patch seem to solve only some of the xfs issues for me. Before
>>the patch my system hung when booting. This only occured I had xfs
>>compiled into the kernel. After patching things seemed fine, but
>>durning "dbench 32" the system locked. Upon rebooting and attempting to
>>mount the filesystem I got this:
>>XFS mounting filesystem md(9,2)
>>Starting XFS recovery on filesystem: md(9,2) (dev: 9/2)
>>kernel BUG at page_buf.c:578!
>><and so on>
>>PS- The results of ksymoops are attached.
>that seems a bug in xfs, it BUG() if vmap fails, it must not BUG(), it
>must return -ENOMEM to userspace instead, or it can try to recollect and
>release some of the other vmalloced entries. Most probably you run into
>an address space shortage, not a real ram shortage, so to workaround it
>you can recompile with CONFIG_2G and it'll probably work, also dropping
>the gap page in vmalloc may help workaround it (there's no config option
>for it though). It could be also a vmap leak, maybe a missing vfree,
>just some idea.

The system has 4G of ram, and 4G of swap. So real memory is not an
issue. The system is a intended to be an nfs server. As a result nfs
performance is my only real concern. I should really use CONFIG_3GB as
I'm not doing much in user space other a tftp, and dhcp server.

In any case the system isn't in production so I can leave it as is
till monday.

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