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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Generated files destruction
On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Rusty Russell wrote:

> I would like to start migrating all build-generated files to
> names matching "generated*" or ".generated*", esp. those which look
> like source files. This is mainly for readability and for simplicity
> when diffing built kernel trees. I'll be encouraging various
> maintainers who generate (.c, .h and .s) files which are not meant to
> be shipped with the kernel source to migrate, in my copious free
> time...

I think the proper solution here is actually separate obj/src dirs,
instead of special names. It's actually quite easy to get that implemented
in the current kbuild, I just didn't find the time for proper testing yet.
I'll have a patch ready for testing soon, though.


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