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SubjectRe: AMD 760MPX DMA lockup
> Hello, kernel hackers,
> my dual athlon box is unstable in some situations. I can consistently
> lock it up by running the following code:
> fd = open("/dev/hda3", O_RDWR);
> for (i=0; i<1024*1024; i++) {
> read(fd, buffer, 8192);
> lseek(fd, -8192, SEEK_CUR);
> write(fd, buffer, 8192);
> }
> It locks up in a minute or so (solid lock up, it does not react even
> to a NumLock key or console switching). It can surely be a HW problem
> (this is a new box), but how to tell whether this is the case?
> The mainboard is MSI K7D Master, AMD 760MPX chipset, 460W power supply,
> 1GB RAM.
> The box survived whole night of memtest86 and the whole night of three kernel
> compiles running in parallel in an infinite loop.
> This problem is on many recent kernels (tried 2.4.18-11 from RedHat "null",
> 2.4.20-pre5-ac1, 2.4.20-pre5-ac5, 2.4.20-pre6). It does not matter whether
> I compile the kernel SMP or UP, with or without CONFIG_HIGHMEM.

Well I have run this several times on my MPX, and it is fine.

This is 2.4.20-pre1, dual AMD 2000MP, only difference is it is the Tyan
version of the MPX, not the MSI.

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