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SubjectRe: XFS?
Hans Reiser wrote:
> Nick LeRoy wrote:
>> Think about this: Namesys is working on Reiserfs v4.0. v4.0. Hell -
>> it's only been incorporated into the mainstream kernel for less than a
>> year (at least by my recollection), yet it keeps advancing. I have
>> _no_ idea what UFS version Solaris 8 is using (admittedly at least
>> somewhat due to ignorance -- I use Solaris because I have a good ol'
>> SPARCprinter which alas is not supported by Linux), or whether they've
>> bother to do development on it to make it better, faster, etc. Yet,
>> _we_ get this advancement all the time. Isn't it great?!
> I think you'll really like v4, it is a complete rewrite from scratch,
> and far better in every way. :)
> Hans

What blows my mind (from someone that only watches kernel development)
is how one project, XFS, a filesystem basically "done" is excluded from
the mainline kernel while ReiserFS is getting a "complete rewrite from

Maybe I don't get it cause I'm just watching... ;)

Bryan Whitehead
SysAdmin - JPL - Interferometry Systems and Technology
Phone: 818 354 2903

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