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SubjectRe: Performance differences in recent kernels wrote:

>Will there be a choice of mounting reiserfs
>or reiser4? (like ext2 or ext3), or will there
>be a complete departure?

reiser4 is a completely different filesystem type for mount. It is
possible someone may sponsor making reiser4 plugins that understand
reiser3 disk format, but I cannot ask DARPA to pay for that, because
their mission is research not code maintenance.

ReiserFS will become an old, stable, unchanging except in response to
VFS changes, filesystem. This is a good thing. Users need something
that just works. reiser3 is done. It works. After 2.4.21 ships it
will be time to stop disturbing the users with changes to it.

reiser4 on the other hand will be the focal point of efforts to counter
Microsoft's OFS, and the performance will increase every month or so,
and new plugins will appear, and you'll have things like inheritance,
encryption, compression, and eventually key word indexing.... but we'll
increment the major version number when key word indexing goes in....

The nice thing about reiser4 is that the disk format is so plugin based
that we can accomodate all future changes by just adding more plugins
for it to understand. Hmmm. Maybe I should not put the 4 in the
filesystem type name. I'll have to think about that.

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