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SubjectRe: XFS?
On Wednesday 11 September 2002 01:43, jw schultz wrote:

Not that I'm trying to keep this thread alive or anything..

> Yes it does. I'm guessing the one in 8.0 is an older
> version because i found it performs abysmally. It seemed
> stable enough but i used it for backups with lots of file
> creation and deletion and my jobs took about 10 times longer
> to run than on ext2 or JFS (also included in the 2.4.18+
> SuSE 8.0) For other use it is probably fine. I look
> forward to trying newer versions.

I wasn't making any claims to have _tried_ it or anything. I simply stated
that it's _there_ and, I think, supported. Personally, I've switched to
Reiserfs (thanks, Hans!), which I'm _really_ happy with. Yeah, I should
investigate the other options, but, honestly, there isn't a lot of neccessity

> And think about this: In almost all other OSs of substance
> you have one or two basic filesystem types and if you want
> journaling you have to pay extra for it. And journaling
> filesystems don't have to be fast, there is very little real
> competition.

I'm not sure if you're saying that this is a bad thing or a good thing. FWIW,
I think this is a wonderful feature, albeit potentially confusing to a Newbie
For my O2 running IRIX I get XFS whether I like it or not, for Solaris I get
UFS no matter how much it sucks (I'm not really saying that it does; I don't
have much knowledge of it to be honest). This multitude of choices really
causes competition between them, and makes them all better in the long run.

Think about this: Namesys is working on Reiserfs v4.0. v4.0. Hell - it's
only been incorporated into the mainstream kernel for less than a year (at
least by my recollection), yet it keeps advancing. I have _no_ idea what UFS
version Solaris 8 is using (admittedly at least somewhat due to ignorance --
I use Solaris because I have a good ol' SPARCprinter which alas is not
supported by Linux), or whether they've bother to do development on it to
make it better, faster, etc. Yet, _we_ get this advancement all the time.
Isn't it great?!

Ok, time to step off my soapbox and get back to work.


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