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SubjectRe: 2.5 Problem Status Report

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, Oleg Drokin wrote:

> > > BUG at kernel/sched.c open 10 Sep 2002
> > What exactly is this?
> Looks like this is my bugreport for BUG in kernel/sched.c:944 in the middle
> of partition parsing output on boot.
> Subject of email was
> '2.5.34 BUG at kernel/sched.c:944 (partitions code related?)'
> msgid:

very strange backtrace:

>>EIP; c0115818 <schedule+18/4a0> <=====
Trace; c01053a0 <default_idle+0/40>
Trace; c0105000 <_stext+0/0>
Trace; c01053c8 <default_idle+28/40>
Trace; c010547e <cpu_idle+4e/50>
Trace; c010506c <rest_init+6c/70>

i've once seen the 2.5 IDE code doing a schedule_timeout() from an IRQ
handler, but the above has to be something else. Could you hack sched.c to
print out the exact preemption count? It could be a preempt-count
underflow due to an unbalanced spin_unlock, or an inbalanced
preempt_enable. [or the IRQ code - but i doubt that, we'd have seen
problems much earlier if this was the case.]

Oleg, do you have CONFIG_DEBUG_SPINLOCK enabled? That should catch an
unbalanced spin_unlock().

Robert, i'd suggest to add some sort of debugging code for this anyway, if
preempt_count goes below 0, right now we do this:

#define dec_preempt_count() \
do { \
preempt_count()--; \
} while (0)

this should be something like:


#define dec_preempt_count() \
do { \
if (!--preempt_count()) \
BUG(); \
} while (0)


#define dec_preempt_count() \
do { \
preempt_count()--; \
} while (0)


or introduce a separate debug config option, CONFIG_DEBUG_PREEMPT - until
all code is converted. This should catch a bad preempt_enable where it


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