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SubjectCDROM driver does not support Linux partition tables

A deficiency in the Linux CDROM driver was just brought to my attention.
Even on a kernel configured with support for UFS and Sun partition
tables, it doesn't appear to be possible to mount any but the first
slice of a Sun CDROM containing multiple slices. Essentially, it seems
that Solaris partition table support doesn't trickle down to the CDROM

Is this something that's supposed to happen, and is there a reason why
it's not supported, or is it simply that no-one has asked for it to be
supported and/or no-one has gotten around to implementing it because of
lack of demand?

(The particular case in which this came up is someone who has a Sun box
without a CDROM drive in it, and wants to use a Linux box as a jumpstart
server, but can't because the Linux box can't read beyond the first
slice on the CD.)

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