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SubjectRe: Heuristic readahead for filesystems
From: "Davide Libenzi" <>

> On Wed, 11 Sep 2002, jdow wrote:
> > Davide, when was the patent on readahead taken out? It has either
> > or I can prove prior art I did myself on the old StarDrive and HardFrame
> > controllers for the Amiga made by Microbotics, Inc.
> I'm definitely not a patent attorney :) but since there's the tendency to
> patent almost everything in big corporations ( my Co. gives $ 2K for each
> patent filed, plus another $ 1K if it's approved ) I bet that there's a
> patent pending somewhere about this. Even if someone have prior art about
> hw prefecting, imho there's the possibility to patent a software ( kernel
> ) based version of the art. I also do not think M$ to be so dumb to adopt
> a technique that is described inside a someone else owned patent in US.
> But again, i'm not a patent attorney ...

This was kernel software. It was committed in the mid 80s. (Hm, so a patent
MIGHT not be expired by a year or two.) The predecessor device was used to
overturn a patent a company claimed on parallel port to SCSI converters. The
Microbotics units were rather forward looking for their day.

{^_^} Joanne Dow,

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