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Subject[patch] 2.5.34 partition off by one

I needed this patch to boot my machine, Linux-2.5.34 devfs enabled.
My root fs is on /dev/hda6, the last partition of /dev/hda.
create_dev("/dev/root", ...) in do_mounts.c failed because /dev/hda6
was not found by devfs_get_handle(). It appears that
devfs_register_partition() is not called for /dev/hda6...

Please apply if this patch is right and it hasn't been fixed yet.


Hiroshi Takekawa <>

--- check.c~ Tue Sep 10 19:34:55 2002
+++ check.c Wed Sep 11 19:55:29 2002
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@
devfs_auto_unregister(dev->disk_de, slave);
if (!(dev->flags & GENHD_FL_DEVFS))
devfs_auto_unregister (slave, dir);
- for (part = 1, p++; part < max_p; part++, p++)
+ for (part = 1; part < max_p; part++, p++)
if (p->nr_sects)
devfs_register_partition(dev, part);
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