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SubjectRe: [BK] PATCH ReiserFS 1 of 3 RESEND (Linus Torvalds)  wrote on 09.09.02 in <>:

> where "" is not in the MX domain:
> dig -t MX

... i.e., does not have a MX record.

> (Yes, I realize that both addresses likely work perfectly fine, and that

Since the RFCs *demand* that an address mentioned in mail has an MX
record, and the fallback to A records was not, until recently, described,
there probably are some mailers that cannot deliver mail to that address.
Which, in my book, counts as "not perfectly fine", even though I admit
those mailers are probably in a minority as, sadly, this particular
disease is pretty widespread.

Still. I personally count it as a bug just the same as using an implicit
extern to call a function.

> [ Cc to linux-kernel left intact not to publicly castigate Hans, but
> because I know this is true for some other people too. ]

Similar here.

MfG Kai
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