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SubjectRe: Question about pseudo filesystems

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Daniel Phillips wrote:

> There's a simple solution though: examine the module->count under the same
> spinlock as try_inc_mod_count, which is what sys_delete_module does. We just
> encapsulate that check in a handy wrapper and define it as part of the
> try_inc_mod_count interface. At this point the thing is generalized to the
> point where the module count isn't used at all by module.c, so the same
> interface will also accomodate the still-under-construction magic wait for
> quiescent state(), needed for modules that don't fit the mod_count model.

I implemented something like this some time ago. If module->count isn't
used by module.c anymore, why should it be in the module structure?
Consequently I removed it from the module struct (what breaks of course
unloading of all modules, so I'll probably reintroduce it with big a
warning). If the count isn't in the module structure, the locking will
become quite simpler. More info is here

bye, Roman

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