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Subject2.5.34 randomly freezes under X (seems input related)


On 2.5.34, moving the mouse around (just moving, not clicking) under
an (almost) idle X "almost" reliably freezes my machine if I just do
it long enough. I write "almost" because:

1) It happened on 14 out of 15 sessions, sometimes immediately
after logging in. I gave up on the one exception after trying
for more than 5 minutes.

2) It might be related to whether there is some background activity.
I have a shell script that forks a lot of stuff in quick succession
and it seems that a lockup is guaranteed if I move my mouse while
that script is running. The script is not a requirement, though.

Sadly, only the reset button helps and of course nothing useful shows
up in the logs. :-( I tried very hard to reproduce it on a virtual
console, but failed no matter how hard I stressed the box. So X "must"
be part of the problem somehow.

This is 2.5.34 on a dual Pentium, gcc 2.95, no preempt, AT keyboard
& serial mouse. I never got 2.5.32 and 2.5.33 to compile/boot, so the
problem may not be all that new. 2.5.31 works OK (not fine, but OK).

Any ideas? It looks a bit like some input layer problem to me.
Feel free to ask for more configuration details if you're interested.


PS: Thanks for the working floppies!

M. Eyckmans (MCE) Code of the Geeks v3.1 mce-at-pi-dot-be
GCS d+ s+:- a37 C+++$ UHLUASO+++$ P+ L+++ E--- W++ N+++ !o K w--- !O M--
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