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    SubjectRe: 2.5 Problem Status Report
    On Tue, Sep 10, 2002 at 09:00:30PM -0500, Thomas Molina wrote:
    > 2.5 Kernel Problem Reports as of 10 Sep
    > Problem Title Status Discussion
    > qlogicisp oops no further discussion 2.5.33
    > PCI and/or starfire.c broken no further discussion 2.5.33
    > __write_lock_failed() oops no further discussion 2.5.33

    Since 3 of these are things I reported...

    qlogicisp.c oops is some longstanding error recovery issue and/or ISR
    bug. has been taking my bugreports. There is a lack of
    general interest in and information about this device.

    PCI/starfire.c breakage has to do with PCI-PCI bridges appearing on
    machines with multiple PCI buses. The bus numbering scheme used by
    the bridges creates clashes with various other bus' numbers or something
    like that. It's likely more visible on NUMA-Q since the bus numbers are
    used for port I/O remapping. I'm unaware of the amount of reliance on
    bus numbers in other circumstances. is handling it.

    __write_lock_failed() oops is tasklist_lock starvation. The starving
    writer had spun with interrupts off for so long the NMI oopser went
    off. is looking into it and I have backup plans.

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